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We are management consultants who take on creative challenges with enthusiasm and are very passionate about what we do

We customize our approach to meet the needs of your business. We are experts in analytical thinking, strategic alignment and most importantly performance improvement. We think differently and love nothing better then turning a challenge into an opportunity

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Turnaround Management

Our experts will formulate and implement a strategic plan and a set of actions to help your company return to financial solvency, profitability and strategic viability.

Strategic Planning

Our team have a strong track record of engaging directly with managers, employees and stakeholders at every level to develop and seamlessly implement strategic change initiatives from within to drive profitable growth.

Business Development

Our business is to make our clients more successful. We achieve this through creating successful sales and marketing strategies, advising on new market entries, acquisitions and the implementation of strategic alliances.

We are international, with offices in Ireland, England and Austria.

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Is your business in need of restructuring?

Our experience and expertise makes us your perfect partner in a turnaround or restructuring process. We will make an in-depth analysis of your business which will reveal the root causes of your problems and identify new and unexploited growth opportunities. Our resulting, strong numbers driven, action plan will pave the way for successful turnaround processes and future oriented strategies.

Are You Finding It Tough At The

Our consultants all have over 10 years experience in senior management positions and have been there and done that. We would be delighted to work with you and your colleagues to provide independent, unbiased advice on the complex strategic decisions facing your business. We can also act as a facilitator, managing the process rather than the end result and ask the questions that may be difficult for you to ask.

Thinking Of Expanding Into Europe But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Take the DACH region for example, a 100 million population market. We have a team on the ground in Austria and have a network of local experienced professionals available in Germany to help smooth the process. We will help you comprehend the competitive environment in this new sector and boost your chances of success by helping you understand your potential customers as well as you do your existing ones.

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